Things You Need To Know When Emigrating

Perhaps it is a new job opportunity or you simply need a change, immigrating to a new country is literally a life changing time for you and your family. During the process of moving your mind is on a million things and there are more lists that you have minutes in the day. So how do you make the move while staying sane and ensuring you cover all your basis?

Number One – Check Your Passports

The first thing you need to organise is your passports, if you have children you need to decide on whose passport they will travel under. Remember you need to plan ahead, the home affairs department gives you a guideline on the time frame it will take to get your passports, but there is no certainty in it.

Therefore, apply for your vista a minimum of six months ahead of time, that way you ensure that you passports will arrive on time and there will be no additional stress and drama placed on your family.

Number Two – A Place To Stay

Once you have made the decision to move and have got your passport application process under way, it is time to focus on living accommodation, you do not want to find yourself in the process of having to find accommodation when you arrive in the new country.

Another thing you need to take into consideration is the season in which you move. For instance, it is an easier process to move during the summer months as you do not need to contend with the rain, wind and snow when unpacking – there is nothing worse than having to sleep on damp mattresses or couches.

Number Three – Your Children

Moving effects your children more than you think, you need to reassure them during the moving process and ensure that they have a school to attend early on so that they do not miss out on important school work. Remember your child will be leaving their friends and everything that keeps them feeling secure. Setup a Skype or email account that your child can contact their friends from, this will help ease their stress levels and ensure they do not feel completely isolated.

Number Four – The Lingo and The Rules

A big hurdle in moving is the language barrier. Ensure that you read up on the lingo of the new country. Another thing you need to take into consideration is the rules and regulations of the country that you are emigrating to. For instance, is there a dress code men and women need to adhere to.

To conclude, use these four steps to ensure that you make the transition into your new life an easy one. Moving is an exciting time and should be treated as such, ensure that you plan ahead and minimize the stress of the move.


I am Greg Jones, a water delivery agent for a bottled water delivery company. In my line of work I often see people moving into new homes and over the years I have heard about the stresses of moving. This article is my way of helping those moving during this time with a four step plan to make the move a little easier.