More to Malaga than meets the eye

Malaga is notorious for being one of the party capitals of the Costa del Sol and whilst there is a party element to the city, there is much more to Malaga. Generally in Europe car hire is very affordable so book ahead and collect at the airport when you arrive. Take the time to explore all that Malaga has to offer before hitting the roads to discover nearby cities.

Being one of the oldest cities in the world, Malaga has a wealth of places to visit before you set off for some scenic drives around the region. Most famously, it is the birthplace of Picasso and so any trip here must include a visit to the Picasso museum. It boasts an impressive collection of his work and if you feel inspired here to learn more about the man himself, you can take a short walk to Casa Natal in Plaza de la Merced, the actual birthplace of the great artist. You can use this as a base to begin exploring the rest of Malaga’s must see sights which are all close by. Begin at Malaga Cathedral, a stunning building which has a mix of architecture to delight due to how long it took to complete. From here, you have your choice of visiting many historic sites including the Roman Theatre, Gilbralfaro Castle and The Alcazaba, an 11th century fortress which also boasts the city’s Archaeological Museum. All will transport you back into another world.

Once you’ve seen all that Malaga has to offer, head out onto the open roads and begin drinking in the scenery. You’ll want to have any passenger armed with a camera to take some shots of the breathtaking beauty of the Spanish countryside you’ll drive through. Take a trip north-west to Seville and on the way, take a break by stopping in Ronda to see one of the most photographed sites in Spain.

El Tajo Gorge is a 1 hour drive from Malaga and it will amaze you. The gorge drops to almost 200m and is crossed via the Puente Nuevo Bridge, which is a stunning piece of architecture in itself – this is well worth the slight detour! Around 2 and a half hours from Malaga by road, Seville is the capital of Andalusia and is the fourth largest city in Spain. Begin in the main square by The Alcazar, the palace still used by the Spanish Royal Family today as their Seville residence. It is an absolute must see due to its intricate design and captivating ambiance.

The same can be said about the Plaza de Espana Panorama, a building so stunning that it has been used as scenery in many films, including Lawrence of Arabia. As well as a wealth of architecture and history, Seville also has a thriving cultural heart with many theatres and a strong music scene. Whilst here, you must also indulge in some tapas which is some of the best in Spain and try some Seville oranges, though be prepared for its uniquely sour taste!