How British Expatriates Can Make Money Online

Due to an unfortunately limited amount of opportunities in the United Kingdom, many Brits have opted to relocate abroad. A greater amount of jobs on offer in a variety of different fields have led many to view working abroad as a great opportunity to start or sustain a career. However, not everybody working abroad is paid healthily. There are many expatriates who find themselves on lower wages. The solution for these Brits is the internet. Here are a few ways expatriates can make money online.

Content Writing

The internet is a machine that runs on content. From blogs on technology products to articles on football, the internet feeds off writers. While much of the written content online is non-paid and done purely for the love of writing, there are plenty of paid writing opportunities online if you know where to look.

Due to the art of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google ranks websites higher due to the amount of quality written content affiliated with the company and the keywords used in the content (amongst other metrics). Therefore, there are a range of companies seeking writers to produce content related to their businesses.

Scour the web for content writing jobs and search employment websites such as Reed for content writing opportunities.

There is also a range of writing opportunities through writing product reviews. for example pays freelance writers a minimum of $350 per article for reviewing a product. However, you will need good writing skills and thorough researching capabilities.

You will also find more opportunities if you learn how to write in another language. Learning how to write in widely used languages such as Spanish, Arabic or French for example opens up a plethora of additional opportunities. .


If you have your own website you’ll probably be aware that by generating a half decent amount of traffic, you could earn quite a few quid. Simply conjure up a traffic generating website and monetize your site (monétisez votre site) by placing other business’s advertisements onto it.


Being a musician may seem like a farfetched pipe dream, but the internet is filled with success stories of music artists who either started off generating a fan base online or actually purely sold records online without the help of a record label.

If you’re a decent music artist, try posting your music unto different indie blogs throughout the web, as well as social media networks such as Twitter and YouTube. Songs can be sold on iTunes, Google Music, AmazonMP3, Spotify and a host of other websites and platforms.

One drawback is that you might actually need to be pretty good or get very lucky.

Stuart Daniels is a British freelance writer and SEO.