Real Estate Abroad – Get Your Spanish Dream Home!

Many “Northerners”, mostly from UK but also from other countries such as Germany, Sweden or Norway have long learned about the advantages of owning real estate in a sunny, southern European country. Amongst the top favorites for owning real estate abroad is Spain. There are many things which make it very attractive to own a home in sunny Spain.

The Spanish real estate market is not untouched be the overall poor European economy. While this is a negative if you plan to re-sell right away, it can be a big opportunity if you are looking for a cheap home or villa. All throughout Spain, from the rural areas to the busy tourist locations on the Costa Blanca, you can find real estate agents that offer incredible homes, villas and apartments at very low prices. Many of the properties come fully furnished and have all the amenities one could wish for, such as a swimming pool, air condition or a sun-roof. The properties in Spain are offered at a fraction of the cost what an equal home would cost back in the UK.

Many people from the UK purchase affordable apartments that will become their holiday home whenever they want to go on vacation. They spend most of the year back in the UK and then visit Spain for a week or two over the holidays.

The advantages are obvious: Instead of paying for costly stays and hotels, a nice apartment will wait for you in sunny Spain! Not only will you have nice real estate for holidays in a beautiful southern country: Who knows, at some time you might want to retire and Spain might be just the right place for it!

Another option is if you buy a home or apartment in Spain cheap and then rent it out to other holidaymakers. This can be quite lucrative if you get a good deal on a place such as on the beautiful Costas in Spain. While you will own a nice place in a great country, you will in addition have a good income each month from your rental fees. The agencies will normally take care of everything, like finding tenants and collecting the rent. The real estate agencies usually offer maintenance services as well, this means they will look after your property when you’re back home and you don’t have to worry about anything.

Many real estate agents that offer holiday homes and other property in Spain are originally from the UK, so language will rarely be an issue. Chances are you will find a real estate agent that can advise you with all questions you might have. If you indeed plan to relocate and retire in Spain (a good idea, by the way!) the agents often can give you helpful advice in regards to all the formalities and paperwork required. Owning a property in Spain will be a fantastic option if you are tired of the stress and the poor, rainy weather back home!

Danielle is a real estate expert and has extensive knowledge in how people can find homes using estate agents Glasgow. She enjoys helping people find their dream home!